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Digitalisation in tertiary education

Digital education conveys important key competences and prepares students for an increasingly digital world of work. Although, the effective and consistent use of new learning methods and techniques creates challenges for many institutions of higher learning- they also offer opportunities if they are used the right way.


Effectively coping with the challenges in higher education

Even if young people grow up as digital natives, they cannot cope with the challenges of the digital world of work “just like that” on their own. During their studies, they learn how to use digital technologies. Therefore, these technologies have to be integrated into day-to-day life at institutions of higher education. In this context, the focus has to be kept on the subject-specific content taught while supplementing this with digital learning methods and technologies. Then, digital teaching can add value – for both teachers and students.

Improved work

Whether through high-performance computers for research, the use of VR glasses in teaching or cloud-based joint learning – with the right educational technologies Fujitsu supports digital teaching and improves the workflow between you and your students.

Personalised learning

Every students learns differently – making it increasingly difficult to teach all students at the same time. New digital learning technologies support active and personalised learning. Through collaborative solutions, you can more easily check assignments and share results.

Digital examinations

How can written examinations at universities and colleges be safely digitalised? Fujitsu has worked on the subject of “online examinations” and supports the hardware aspect of this topic

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Products for universities

PCs, notebooks and tablets, etc.


Mobile and safe – the best possible equipment for university life

Comprehensive solutions you can rely on

Fujitsu notebooks and tablets – reliable support during your studies

For lecturers

Mobile and safe – the best possible equipment for university life.


The LIFEBOOK A series is an excellent hoice. It provides comprehensive performance with a lean design (< 2 kg) and has everything teachers need in their day-to-day lives.


A flexible all-rounder with a lean, robust design with a long battery time for long school days and a high level of mobility.

For university and college administrations

Comprehensive solutions you can rely on


Durable, maintenance-friendly notebooks through the simple replacement of components with high computational power for demanding tasks.

CELSIUS Workstations Series

CELSIUS workstations from Fujitsu support creativity, simulation, calculation and visualization at the highest professional level.

For students

Mobile and safe – the best possible equipment for university life


A flexible all-rounder with a lean, robust design with a long battery time for long school days and a high level of mobility.

Middle grade:

Cost-efficient entry-level device with a large 15.6-inch input monitor, many interfaces and an integrated DVD drive – optimally suited for watching learning videos.


A high-resolution, matt display facilitates work in the classroom as well as outside. With a detachable keyboard, stylus and the option of using touch as well as a durable battery for demanding learning tasks.

Shaping the future of education with Ron Dearing UTC

Ron Dearing UTC is a school that opened in 2017, teaching students aged 14-19 and specialising in digital technology and mechatronics. The UTC continues to invest in Fujitsu technology and has bought Fujitsu laptops for both students and teachers as well as digital technology & mechatronics workstations. By using Fujitsu technology, Ron Dearing UTC has achieved their goals for the first year for student attainment, retention and outcomes whilst continuing to attract new students.


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