The Digital Transformation PACT Report

Realizing an organization’s digital vision isn’t only about having the right technology. Truly making the most of the transformative impact of digital also means having the right people, processes and partnerships in place.

People, Actions, Collaboration and Technology: it is this PACT that serves as the basis of successful digital transformation today.

To investigate how organizations are dealing with making their own PACT, we surveyed more than 1,600 businesses across five key areas – their digital strategy; their people, talent and skills; actions or the behaviors; collaboration and co-creation; and the technology that they use.

The results suggest that there is disequilibrium in bringing those four vital ingredients for digital success; potentially pointing to the fact that whilst more than half of all organizations have already delivered digital transformation projects, a third have cancelled projects in the past two years at a typical cost of €555,000 - that's approximately £500,000 or $660,000.

Graph showing the imbalance across people, actions, collaboration and technology

Business leaders are failing to deliver equally across the four strategic elements needed for digital transformation.

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Explore Fujitsu’s research findings:

90% of organizations are investing in digital skills

People: Turning a digital vision into a practical reality is about more than just technology or best practices. It’s about making sure you have the right people with the right mix of digital skills.

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74% of organizations admit digital projects are not linked to overall strategy

Actions: Fostering the right attitudes and behaviors is integral to successful digital transformation. There needs to be an environment where digital projects can fail fast and fail forward.

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63% are undertaking co-creation projects

Collaboration: A new age of co-creation is dawning, one in which the full potential of digital transformation is being fuelled by the open sharing of knowledge and expertise.

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84% of organizations would change their business model for technology

Technology: Emerging technologies are giving organizations incredible power. But as that power grows, so too does the need for organizations to adapt and evolve in order to harness it successfully.

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