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Rice Terraces

Rice terraces are set up to always provide sufficient resources for the specific amount of rice to grow. Similar, with Fujitsu uSCALE pay-per-use, sufficient compute and storage resources are available – just as much as needed for desired business outcomes.

Pure Consumption Service

EXPLORE Did you know that the rice fields are still irrigated in the same way as they were 3,000 years ago? Rice terraces are an impressive example of how long-term food production is possible without harming nature. Over the course of those 3,000 years, civilization has changed, seasons have come and gone, generations of rice farmers have taken their turn, but rice has been the only crop grown as a monoculture for all those years. Once the ingenious system of bamboo pipes, canals and small ditches is set up, the water is distributed evenly from the top to the bottom terrace. Generations of farmers have continued to reap the benefits. Fujitsu uSCALE pay-per-use is like the rice terrace of the data jungle. Delivered as a service, uSCALE allows customers to focus on their business outcomes (like rice production), without worrying about the underlying IT Infrastructure (the irrigation system). Once the IT infrastructure is set up, customers can simply focus on their day-to-day jobs, and pay only for what they consume every month. EXPERIENCE With seasonal variations in demand, the farmers have the ability to target a larger or smaller yield of their rice crops, by planting as many or as few seeds as required. There is enough land and soil available across the large rice terrace area to leverage as and when needed. The entire rice terrace estate need not be utilized all the time. Likewise with uSCALE, Fujitsu customers have abundant access to the underlying IT infrastructure, but can consume only as much as they need, with minimal upfront commitments. The Fujitsu uSCALE pay-per-use consumption service supports business transformation and IT agility with scalable resources that are measurable, cost transparent and aligned to the needs of the business. Pay-as-you-go, with the ability to flex up and down in line with your business needs. EVOLVE One of the main advantages of the irrigation systems of rice terraces is that the rice crops receive the right amount of water required for the crops to thrive, without leading to runoff. The farmer does not need to worry about the intricacies of balancing the amount of water each crop gets, or whether all crops get the water at the right time, or whether the land and soil has been apportioned to the crops in a balanced manner. The landscape itself therefore is a key resource. Likewise, the Fujitsu uSCALE pay-per-use consumption service ensures that the underlying IT infrastructure is appropriately aligned to business needs, and customers are able to derive maximum business value out of their data. Customers don’t need to worry about the specifics of the infrastructure and whether it is fit for their purpose. Fujitsu uSCALE is product, software and service agnostic, while customers benefit from simple, predictable cost – for easy budgeting. In summary, the Fujitsu uSCALE service supports business transformation with scalable IT resources that are measurable, cost transparent and aligned to business needs, with minimal levels of commitment.

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