Breakout Sessions

The challenge facing business today is unprecedented. The world was already changing at break-neck speed, but events of 2020 have turned it upside-down. The world we knew, the world that our businesses were designed for, may never return.

With that in mind, our Breakout sessions focus on the opportunities organizations have to reimagine a new future, based on

  • Customer experience
  • Everyday operations
  • And employee experience

These sessions are delivered by international thought leaders from Fujitsu in collaboration with our global partners and customers and will look into:

  • How to create an adaptive workforce and stay resilient in times of change
  • How to transform your IT infrastructure towards an agile foundation for new processes encompassing Hybrid IT and Multi-cloud operational models
  • How to make the best use of data to identify and generate new business opportunities
  • How to drive co-creation with people from across business lines and functions, and your wider ecosystem
  • How to implement a digital culture and transform business processes in industries like retail, financial services, manufacturing, and mobility

Each regional event features a subset of these sessions, with specific relevance to the local audience. Use our interactive global map to access the Fujitsu ActivateNow Engagement Hub to watch our Breakout Sessions on-demand.