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Contact FSTJ Editorial Office

This page accepts questions or inquiries from readers about Fujitsu Scientific & Technical Journal (FSTJ).

Important Notice

  • Please note that we do not accept submission of manuscripts from outside Fujitsu Group companies.
  • Please contact Ask Fujitsu listed below if you are residing in the European Economic Area.
Ask Fujitsu
Tel: +44-12-3579-7711

Fujitsu, London Office

Address: 22 Baker Street
London United Kingdom

Contact via Web form

As FSTJ has already been discontinued, please click on the "Inquiries related to Fujitsu Technical Review" link and fill in all required items.We will reply to your inquiry by e-mail.

icon-form Inquiries related to Fujitsu Technical Review

We accept questions or inquiries only about FUJITSU SCIENTIFIC & TECHNICAL JOURNAL (FSTJ) via the form in the above. If you have any issues other than the FSTJ, please visit the " Contact " page of Fujitsu worldwide.