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Telematics – transforming car insurance and improving driver safety

“Fujitsu’s vision for a mobility society, where accidents are preventable, aligns well with our own. I believe that sharing a vision is critical to building a successful partnership”.

Toshihiko Numata
Associate Director and General Manager
IT Control Department
Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance


Accident responses depending on subjective information

The number of traffic accidents is generally on the decline due to improved vehicle safety and new traffic safety measures. However, changing consumer needs are creating the demand for improved accident support services. Demand for accident response services at night and on holidays is increasing, and the need for new insurance services is growing.

In Japan, any driver who causes an accident must help the injured, prevent further hazards and report the accident to the police. The driver must then contact their insurance company. But this is not always easy, especially when the driver may be upset immediately after the accident.

According to Mitsuru Sato, Associate Director and General Manager, “If we are not given the correct information, then we cannot conduct proper negotiations and make insurance payments. This can incur significant cost for us and our customer.”

Insurance companies currently analyze traffic accident from subjective information, primarily based on the driver’s recall of this incident. For this reason, settlement negotiations with the other party can become time-consuming.

The story so far

Accurate recording of accident causes and conditions

To address this challenge, Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance introduced the Telematics claims service system. “This delivers a sophisticated post-accident support service, including a settlement negotiation service, available on a 24/7 basis throughout the year,” says Masahiro Higuchi, Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer.

The service combines digital data and advanced technologies developed in collaboration with many partners. Fujitsu has developed AI-based image recognition technology that can accurately record road conditions and the status of traffic lights, as well as Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (Visual-SLAM) technology that can calculate vehicle location and speed with a high degree of accuracy.

“Fujitsu technology provides an accurate record of information, such as the color of the traffic lights at the accident and the speed at which the vehicles were travelling” says Toshihiko Numata, Associate Director and General Manager. The result is an accurate reconstruction of the accident, providing a wider perspective than the driver’s personal recollection, and a quicker and more accurate analysis of the accident situation.

Outcome and next step

Shared vision is key to partnerships

By introducing the Telematics claims service system and integrating this with its 24/7 claim assistance service ‘I’mZIDAN’, Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance plans to halve the time required to process insurance claim payouts of property damage liability insurance.

The successful outcome of the co-creation project between Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance and Fujitsu is the result of more than simply a technical collaboration.

According to Toshihiko Numata, “Fujitsu’s vision for a mobility society, where accidents are preventable, aligns well with our own. I believe that sharing a vision is critical to building a successful partnership.”

Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance does not regard Fujitsu as a technology provider but as a long-term partner with whom they can collaborate and grow, tackling new challenges and ultimately realizing their shared vision.

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[Published in 2020]

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