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Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. - Case Study - SPARC Enterprise

Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. - SPARC Enterprise Case Study1

Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd.
- SPARC Enterprise Case Study -

Sanyo Chemical Industries has opened the doors to a more customer-oriented approach in the chemical industry, it’s called "performance chemicals". Looking for a more integrated and cost-efficient business platform, it renewed its accounting system using a SPARC Enterprise M3000. As a result, performance and cost-efficiency have been greatly improved with affordable performance for further integration of group company systems.

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System outline
Industry Manufacturing (Chemical)
Hardware UNIX server SPARC Enterprise M3000
PC Server PRIMERGY RX200, TX300
Storage ETERNUS2000
Oracle Database 10g Standard Edition One

"Our accounting department values the new system as contributing to improved business efficiency. Searches clearly finish in shorter times and we have transformed the entire database, built from the start of the previous system. I feel the response time for database access have reduced to around one-third. While batch applications finish in around one fourth of the previous system’s time, in about one and a half hours. Such upgraded performance is a real surprise."

Sanyo Chemical Industry is a leading chemical company due to its excellent research and development ability. For its accounting system upgrade there was a need to lift performance of its GLOVIA/SUMMT applications to provide for adequate data growth as well as reduce costs. The new accounting system using just one entry-class SPARC Enterprise M3000 server reduced costs, and significantly improved performance to around three times that of the previous system. It also provided affordable system capacity for further integration of group company systems.

Problems and Resolutions
1 Need to upgrade application response and reduced run times of batch applications. arrow Affordable performance for further integration with group company’s system. Around three time the application response and running time of batch application reduced to around one hour and a half from around six hours.
2 High reliability in a non-stop accounting system environment. arrow SPARC Enterprise chosen for proven reliability of Fujitsu UNIX servers. Stable operation of the new accounting system also ensure non-stop running.
3 Reduced TCO arrow SPARC Enterprise M3000 reduced the initial investment and contributed tp lower maintenance charges. Overall software related costs also halved.

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Installation background

Mission critical system rebuilt for faster management decisions

Image photo

Disposable diapers help busy mothers find peace of mind and time to relax. In this, Sanyo Chemical has commercialized a superabsorbent material - a "must-have" for such products. In fact it has been commercializing a series of products using the same chemical properties; as the absorbency of materials necessary for disposable diapers is also required in other areas.

Mr. Shinsaku Nakajima, Director of the Public Relations department talks about a magic wand for creating thousands of performance chemical products. "Our research and development drives our businesses. With researchers constituting 27% of the total workforce, we have been enhancing many technologies to a commercial level, ahead of other companies. A distinguishing factor is our horizontal roll-out of chemical products. Once we develop a material production method for a certain chemical property in one area, we transform it, by combining with other technologies, to service another area. Take for instance our super-absorbent material. It is widely used in handy disposable warmers, and seedbeds. Such R & D based combined business developments can achieve sales success in the chemical industry. "

Mr. Shinsaku Nakajima

As the result of such combinations of technology and business, Sanyo Chemical now sells over 3,000 products including hair care surfactants (wetting agents), medicinal materials, car interior products, electric bi-layer capacitor electrolytes (expected to boost power in hybrid cars), and toner resin for copiers.

To achieve cost-efficiency in the accounting operation, a wider use of accounting information, plus ensure smoother operation of the production management and sales systems, the enterprise accounting system was reengineered in 2002. The system included the Fujitsu accounting package GLOVIA/SUMMIT, using a PRIMEPOWER 400 as the database server.
Following six years of stable operation, Sanyo Chemical commended a new project for renewal of this system in 2008.

System Configuration

Installation Point

Handling high data workloads and server integration

Mr. Satsuo Nakamura

Mr. Satsuo Nakamura, Director of the CP system department talks about the requirements of the new system. "The previous system was inter-working with other systems. So the new accounting application version, Fujitsu GLOVIA/SUMMIT V would need to collaborate smoothly with the existing workflow system. What was principally required was a performance upgrade to deal with data growth and reduce costs."

Data and workloads had increased due to growth in database size and the integration of group company systems. Users of the previous accounting system were also asking for improvements in application performance. They were worried about a problem specific to mission critical accounting systems. The accounting system extracts data for monthly accounting settlement by running applications outside business hours. They were now faced with these applications overrunning into business time. So, shortening such run times was an urgent demand.

In addition the new system needed to provide more affordable performance and be sufficient for unifying other group company systems.
Mr. Bun Usui, a Section Chief in the CP system department, talks about why they chose SPARC Enterprise. "The key points in our selection were related to both costs and performance. SPARC Enterprise M3000 had the right match to our demands."

Installation Process

Smooth integration from a platform with proven reliability

In the final decision, they valued the reliability of Fujitsu SPARC servers that had been proven with the previous enterprise accounting system. Mr. Nakamura talks about their choice compared to Windows. "A Windows server was another option. But, as our accounting system platform, we failed to find sufficient reliability. We already knew our existing PRMEPOWER 400 server and Solaris operating system was dependable as an enterprise system and had a smooth upgrade path for the application and data assets. So our concern about Windows was the risks in time and cost of migration."

Mr. Usui also talks about cost reductions from the new server. "The Cost efficiency expected from a new SPARC Enterprise was related to initial investment such as product acquisition/installation, and maintenance charges. Software licensing was a typical example. Due to being a single CPU server, we could use the cost-efficient Database product, Oracle Standard Edition One."

After a one year integration period including upgrading to GLOVIA/SUMMIT V, the renewed accounting system commenced in June, 2009. "Upgrading the system was smooth because of Solaris compatibility. Fujitsu helped us for entire development processes including researching, developing, and testing."

Effects of System Installation

Affordable performance for business expansion

The performance upgrade they enjoyed was more than expected. Mr. Usui candidly talks about the surging performance. "As major users of the new system, our accounting department really valued the business efficiency improvement. For instance, even without a stopwatch, they could see that database searching finished in a shorter time. I feel that application response reduced to roughly one-third that of the previous system. Such performance was a surprising result as the new system has to deal with a database holding six years worth of data. Now even the longest running-time application for monthly settlement, has had its run time reduced to about 90 minutes from around six hours."

Mr. Usui confirmed that cost-efficiency was as he had expected. "Our target for cost reduction included initial investment such as product acquisition/installation, and maintenance charges. Software related costs halved due to such a right combination of SPARC and Oracle." In addition they have succeeded with both power consumption and computer room space savings.

Mr. Nakamura talks about his perspective on the IT system. "We dispensed with the rat race of workloads and performance. That was one of the contributions of the new system. With this system, we now can have an implementation plan for unifying more group company systems more as well as deal with international accounting standards."

With unrivaled ability in the horizontal roll-out of performance chemical products, Sanyo Chemical is opening up new horizons for the chemical industry. It is also secure in knowing that a dependable and performance SPARC Enterprise supports its business management.

Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd.

Head Office 11-1, Ikkyo Nomoto-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0995, Japan
Established November 1949
Capital 13,051 Million Yen
President Masaaki Ienaga
Number of Employees About 1,742
Industries Production and Sales of Chemical products

Products Introduced


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