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  5. Highly secure ATM transactions with PalmSecure at Bradesco

Highly secure ATM transactions with PalmSecure at Bradesco

"Bradesco was looking for a new technology that would be fraud proof – "zero defect" to authenticate your customers on any ATM transaction"

Douglas Francisco, CTO, Banco Bradesco S.A.

The customer

Banco Bradesco S.A. is one of the largest banks in Brazil along with Banco do Brasil, Itaú Unibanco and Santander Brasil. It was the largest private bank in Brazil until Banco Itaú and Unibanco merged in 2008. The Bank provides a comprehensive range of financial services for personal and business customers. It offers current, checking and saving accounts, personal and business loans, debit and credit cards, investment banking, asset management, life, health, accident and car insurance, individual and corporate pension plans, online and phone banking and much more. Banco Bradesco is also one of the largest credit and debit card issuers in Brazil, with over 90 million credit cards and over 64 million debit cards (2012). With about 105,000 employees, Bradesco serves more than 59 million customers through a network of 13,083 own service points (including 4,687 branches in all of Brazil's states), 49,653 third party service points and over 48.025 ATMs across Brazil.

Bradesco is the most profitable among banks in Brazil and the USA In 2012, Bradesco had a 17.27% average return on assets, placing it at number one in the Economatica ranking.

The challenge

Top priority: Reducing fraud costs and increasing security of banking processes. More customer trust in automated banking.

Second priority: Reducing cost for handling, shipment and administration of cards and codes.

Third priority: Customer satisfaction and convenience for customers.

The solution

Developing a secure solution together with Fujitsu PalmSecure Sensor and to fill out all ATMs with it.

The benefit

  • Uncomplicated, fast registration process
  • Highly secure authentication through palm vein recognition of the person – not of a medium
  • Fast authentication process
  • Impervious to environmental influences
  • Exceptionally high level of user acceptance
  • Simple implementation of "true authentication"
  • High degree of data security
  • Biometric data only has to be entered once in a lifetime

Products and service

  • Fujitsu PalmSecure


Read the full Banco Bradesco case study (160 KB/A4, 2 pages)