C7 makes us more efficient and we can bill accurately for every part of each job with no wastage or guesswork.

Jonatan Bergman, CEO, Spectra
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Investing in an engine for growth


Spectra has extensive experience in ground and construction projects, including tree felling, road building, dam construction, and much more.


Spectra’s existing project management tool lacked functionality and didn’t provide the visibility the company needed to efficiently manage its jobs. It wanted to introduce a scalable solution that would ensure total visibility of every aspect of each project.


  • Fujitsu C7, hosted on Microsoft Azure, seamlessly integrates with existing systems to retrieve the project information needed, such as costs and revenues
  • Every step of the contract, from tender calculation to daily reporting to invoicing, is unified under one system


  • 10% increase in profit margins in framework agreement
  • 1-5% increase in profit margins in all projects
  • Total real-time visibility of project status, costs, revenues, equipment, and materials ensures full control of projects
  • A common way of working for all production in the company
  • Cloud-hosting removes the need for internal IT capability
  • Consistent user experience encourages efficiency

Download Full Case Study PDF

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