RPA – robotic process automation – will be the tip of the iceberg for digital transformation. We expect to achieve a successful rate of over 50% by the end of the year.

Rui Pedroso, Head of IT, Grupo Teixeira Duarte
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Teixeira Duarte

Developing Digital Innovation with Teixeira Duarte


For almost 100 years, Grupo Teixeira Duarte has been present in approximately 20 countries and counts on over eleven thousand employees. Operating in Concessions and Services, Real Estate, Hospitality, Distribution, and the Auto sector, its major activity is Construction since it is at the origin of the group and currently represents approximately 50% of profit.


Setting up entities is a slow yet essential process for Teixeira Duarte’s everyday life. This was a full-time task for a team that dedicated themselves to checking elements.


  • FUJITSU Human Centric Experience
  • RPA has enabled the release of human resources to other tasks.

Download Full Case Study PDF