Fujitsu has added features, such as group targeting and universal templates, which speed up the flood warning message sending process. We can create an entirely new warning, in 20 minutes rather than half a day

Simon Nebesnuick, Flood Warning System Product Manager Environment Agency
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Environment Agency

The Environment Agency chose Fujitsu to modernise its flood warning service, migrating it to the cloud and optimising it, saving money, while adding new features and flexibility


Established in 1996, the Environment Agency is tasked with creating better places for people and wildlife, supporting sustainable development, as well as protecting and improving the environment in England. It has around 10,600 employees responsible for regulating major industry and waste; the treatment of contaminated land; water quality and resources; and fisheries among other areas.


The Environment Agency wanted to improve its flood warning system and make it more cost-effective by changing from licensed to open source software and databases, and moving dedicated hardware to the cloud – thus enabling a more flexible, portable and resilient approach.


The Agency selected Fujitsu as its strategic partner, based on its experience with the previous flood warning service as well as its ability to utilise an Agile, DevOps and co-creative approach. Together, they built a multi-channel, virtualised flood warning system which integrates seamlessly with mobile operator systems.


  • The system delivers flood warning messages to users faster via configurable channels
  • A streamlined and intuitive interface reduces manual input, allowing messages to be issued quickly
  • Fujitsu has added, and continues to add, new features, such as group targeting and universal templates, which speed up the alert process
  • Fujitsu and the Agency are now working together to continuously improve the service using a DevOps team and Agile methods

Download Full Case Study PDF

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