Fujitsu is a company that can turn the incredible into reality. Indeed, I believe this type of approach is vital for companies to grow and prosper. It is truly a pleasure to engage with a company focused on achieving a dream, rather than being preoccupied with short-term profits.

Morinari Watanabe, President The International Gymnastics Federation
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The International Gymnastics Federation

AI and 3D Laser sensing technology accurately evaluate athlete’s techniques


The International Gymnastics Federation is the governing body for Gymnastics worldwide. It is the oldest established international federation of an Olympic sport and has participated in the Olympic Games since their revival in 1896.


It is extremely difficult to provide accurate scores during gymnastics competitions, which involve rapid movements and complex skills. But the sporting world wants technology to help realize fair competitions by eliminating inaccurate scores, while also increasing enjoyment for viewers and bringing innovation to the area of athlete training.


Fujitsu’s AI and 3D laser-based solution enables the accurate scoring of gymnastics without the need for sensors attached to athletes.


  • Gymnasts are protected from inaccurate decisions made by judges having to respond to events while performances are in progress

Download Full Case Study PDF

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