We wanted to implement the solution quickly and we felt that we would be in safe hands considering Fujitsu’s experience, know-how and abundance of knowledge.

Hiroyuki Banno, Manager, ICT Promotion Section Department, NGK Spark Plug Co., LTD.
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NGK Spark Plug Co., LTD.

NGK Spark Plug Co., LTD. (NGK) is transforming the way employees work, restricting their PC usage by linking it with clock-in and clock-out times.


NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. conducts business on a global scale through two brands – NGK and NTK. The NGK brand offers a line-up of spark plugs, glow plugs and other related products and the NTK brand offers a range of products such as IC packages, sensors for exhaust gas cleaning systems and cutting tools.


NGK wanted to transform the way its employees worked to increase productivity. Employees were working long hours and were forgetting to clock in and out. The company needed to strengthen the measures in place to reduce the number of overtime hours worked by employees.


Fujitsu’s ID Link Manager II solution which is designed to prevent employees from working long overtime hours by linking company PCs to the clock-in and clock-out times recorded in the attendance management system.


  • Incorporated a PC shutdown mechanism which accelerated the shift towards efficient ways of working
  • Eliminated off-hour PC usage by linking PCs to the attendance management system
  • A drastic drop in the number of employees forgetting to clock-in and/or forgetting their ID cards.

Download Full Case Study PDF

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