Each part name change took us 20 minutes to complete manually – Fujitsu RPA does it within five. That means we can deliver products more quickly to our customers and provide better service.

Per Siesing, Product Development Manager FlexLink
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FlexLink Holding AB

FlexLink wanted to automate time-consuming and monotonous admin tasks. It turned to Fujitsu RPA which has made two key processes faster and more accurate.


FlexLink is a leading factory automation expert, which provides smarter, safer, and more innovative solutions at lower operating costs. For over 35 years, its solutions have enabled manufacturers, machine providers, and system integrators to take control of production efficiency.


FlexLink was reliant on a huge number of mundane and repetitive admin tasks performed by highly skilled engineers. It wanted to explore the possibility of automating these manual tasks to speed up processes and reduce errors.


The company identified two key processes, part name changes and supplier reporting, to form the basis of an RPA pilot. It chose Fujitsu as its RPA partner based on its experience and access to its Center of Excellence in Copenhagen.


  • The part name change process, which previously took 20 minutes, now takes five
  • Supplier reports which took two hours to create can now be generated in just 15 seconds
  • Highly qualified engineers no longer spend time on repetitive data entry and can focus on higher value tasks
  • The risk of human error has been eliminated

Download Full Case Study PDF

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