We chose to work with Fujitsu because it was the only company with a solution that could ascertain the location of workers regardless of whether they were indoors or outdoors.

Taka Miyamoto, Senior Supervisor of the Production Facilities Management, NIPPO
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NIPPO Corporation

The NIPPO Corporation is working with Fujitsu to leverage the power of IoT to reduce occupational accidents.


NIPPO Corporation is Japan’s largest road construction company, with asphalt composite materials plants throughout Japan. Today the company not only continues to handle pavement construction in a broad range of areas such as expressways, airports, and parks, but it is also involved in a wide variety of business activities that include the manufacture and sales of asphalt composite materials,


Serious accidents are a common occurrence in the construction industry. Workers cannot always call for help in emergencies and their location cannot always be located in real time.


Fujitsu, through its UBIQUITOUSWARE solutions introduced Beacon and GPS technology to monitor worker safety.


  • Using Beacons and GPS to detect the location of construction workers both indoors and outdoors
  • Provison of an SOS button and an automatic fall notification feature to improve worker safety

Download Full Case Study PDF

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