Fujitsu reflected our requests in the user interface they created. I remember being so impressed when I carried out a test on an actual device. I thought, ‘now this is something I can really use!’

Keiichi Niimi, Head of Co-op Aichi’s Miyoshi Center Tokai Co-op
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Tokai Co-op

Cloud Service MobileSUITE makes delivery reports at Tokai Co-op easier, and reduces more than 300 working hours per day


Tokai Co-op is a consolidated organization that was created to respond to the voices and achieve the desires of members of three cooperatives in the Tokai region (Co-op Gifu, Co-op Aichi, and Co-op Mie). It integrates product, store, joint purchase, information systems, and logistics businesses to increase their sophistication, and aims to contribute to the local community by extending the shared society to all ends of the three Tokai prefectures.


  • Expand the range of information available at the delivery site to improve customer service
  • Guarantee security, due to the handling of personal information
  • Reduce the tasks to be completed after drivers return from delivery, to improve work efficiency


FUJITSU Cloud Service MobileSUITE®


  • Connection to the enterprise system enables immediate responses to members’ inquiries even at the delivery site
  • Creates a secure and highly convenient system by using multiple measures
  • Enables data entry at the delivery site achieving a reduction of more than 300 work hours per day

Download Full Case Study PDF

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