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ICE Special Cards leverages PalmSecure for access level control

"With this security control, we are more compliant with ISO 27001. When I have an audit and I show the system to the auditor he does not have any questions."

Walter Fabbri Junior, IT Infrastructure Coordinator, ICE Special Cards

The customer

"Operating in the secure production market for more than 20 years, ICE started out in the manufacture and logistical distribution of inductive cards. ICE currently has contracts in the public and private sectors covering the production and personalization of security printouts, document scanning, the implementation and operation of biometric identification and validation systems, among others."

The challenge

ICE needed a practical and efficient solution that guaranteed security when accessing the data center where sensitive information is stored. The existing security level in the company complies with the best practices imposed by the international Information Security standards, to which ICE is certified.

The solution

"The FUJITSU PalmSecure palm vein reader offers the highest level of security available on the market. The terminal, installed by Telemática, is practical, discreet, faster, and more effective than the other access-control systems used by ICE in low security areas. "

The benefits

  • Greater security for restricted environments
  • Simple user registration
  • Faster than other biometric access control systems
  • Effective employee authentication
  • More hygienic biometric reading process


ICE (434 KB)