The new Fujitsu system enables exploratory data analysis, displays data as graphs and enables data mining to reveal more information, granting greater freedom with analysis tools and ways to visualize data.

Naoki Kato, Professor at the Faculty of Education’s Co-Creative Research and Development Center for Learning
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Gifu University

Gifu University improves quality of education using a Strategic Integration Database operated in the cloud


Founded in 1949, Gifu University in Japan has five faculties: Education, Regional Studies, Medicine, Engineering and Applied Biological Sciences. The university is a place for personal development, producing graduates who strive to never stop “learning, exploring and contributing” for the benefit of society.


Gifu University had vast reserves of data scattered across its campus and various departments. It wanted to develop a strategic integrated database that could give a visual insight into this information.


Trusted partner Fujitsu built a Strategic Integration Database based on Azure Document DB and Azure Data Lake Store with a Microsoft SQL Server at the front-end and Power BI - enabling interactive data visualization for the various types of data collected.


  • Created a highly flexible database to integrate different types of data and analyze it from various angles
  • Delivered a highly-expandable system in just three months using PaaS - keeping costs low
  • Enables the University to become more competitive, identify weaknesses and strengths, improving research capacity and education quality

Download Full Case Study PDF

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