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  5. Diflex improves customer care with ETERNUS DX200 very efficiently, and points out its high reliability

Diflex improves customer care with ETERNUS DX200 very efficiently, and points out its high reliability

"A lot of it is the personal relationship. We have worked with Fujitsu for a long time; they know us and we trust them. Together we figured out exactly what we needed. And then it worked."

Daniel Ivarsson CEO, Diflex AB

Diflex AB upgraded to the FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS DX200 S3 to reduce the manual management of data and to increase scalability.


Originally founded in 1963, Diflex AB is a close-knit, family-driven business operating under the helm of CEO, Daniel Ivarsson, son of the former CEO, Kjell Ivarsson, who is still an integral part of the business. Diflex AB delivers complete IT solutions to small and medium sized companies in Ängelholm, Sweden. Diflex AB prides itself on supplying its customers the highest security and performance at a competitive price.


Diflex AB was spending too much money and effort on managing the data on an outdated storage system that could not keep up with its rapid growth and increased storage requirements. It needed something highly scalable that eliminated manual functions, which stole valuable time from its customers.


The company optimized its 30-year relationship with Fujitsu to identify and implement the FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS DX200 S3. The scalable and automated storage system allows Diflex AB to efficiently manage the diverse data storage and retrieval needs of its 3,000+ users.


  • Automated process reduced complexity and eliminated manual hours
  • Time and cost savings has improved relationships and increased attention on customers
  • Greater functionality, quicker access
  • Customer-focused features for future value-added services
  • Zero down time since it came online


Read the full Diflex case study (865 KB/A4, 2 pages)

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