What really impressed us was how PRIMEQUEST put to use know-how acquired from mainframes, such as the design philosophy, quality standards, and redundancy down to the internal components.

Yukio Matsumoto, Chief of System Management Group, Information System Office, Nishinippon Plant Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd.
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Nishinippon Plant Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd

Nishinippon increases the infrastructure performance with PRIMEQUEST and virtualization software significantly


In the more than half century since its foundation in 1954, NPC has strived to provide a stable supply of power as a member of the Kyushu Electric Power Group. In its dealings with the power plants which are to become customers’ equipment, NPC’s guiding principle is respect, and as such aggressively pursues technological improvements, adoption of new methods, personnel training, and the like. The company is active on a global scale, dispatching its employees as technical directors to other countries.


The goal of Nishinippon Plant Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd. (NPC) was to achieve stable and efficient operation of its missioncritical operations. It wanted to improve availability without increasing operational load, ultimately providing mainframe-like reliability with system redundancy, limiting the effect of any hardware malfunctions.


Consolidating 15 servers into FUJITSU Server PRIMEQUEST which has reliability on par with a mainframe. Automatic rapid hardware recovery thanks to hardware redundancy utilizing Reserved System Board. There is no hassle for administrators or advanced skill set needed since the functionality is all hardware-based.


  • Mainframe-level reliability, running stably since February 2016
  • Less focus on reviewing operations, more on implementing improvements
  • Increased efficiency - many computations now take less than half the time

Download Full Case Study PDF

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