We install and configure medical software on the Fujitsu PRIMERGY® server. We’re hoping this low-cost, one-stop-shop approach will encourage cash-strapped medical facilities to invest in this potentially life-saving solution.

Melanie Gribbins, Project Manager KPaul Properties LLC
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KPaul Properties, LLC

KPaul Properties increased the performance to run medical applications on PRIMERGY RX2540 servers


KPaul Properties LLC is one of the fastest growing manufacturers and distributors of IT supplies in the USA. Headquartered in Indianapolis, KPaul offers customers truly holistic solutions; encompassing everything from initial consultation to the development of bespoke programs and the installation and the management of IT software and equipment. Serving clients across the USA, including nearly every Federal Government agency, KPaul helps its clients increase efficiency and reduce costs.


KPaul needed to replace its legacy server platform with a new virtualized environment. It wanted a low cost, high-performance server that it could also package and resell to its own customer base.


The company installed two FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY RX2540 M2 units to replace the existing eight physical servers. These support all key business applications, including the vital e-commerce platform. It is also installing Fujitsu servers with specialist medical software for sale to hospitals.


  • Costs have been reduced by 15 percent, through virtualization
  • Delivered 95 percent uptime with the remainder dedicated to scheduled out-of-hours maintenance for maximum availability
  • KPaul has identified 30 potential veterans’ hospitals for its Fujitsu solution, which will benefit from the lower costs, better performance and unbeatable reliability

Download Full Case Study PDF

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