The decisive factors behind the adoption were its reliability, cost, and sense of security. In addition to Fujitsu’s track record in operating IaaS, we think highly of the cloud platform’s high reliability.

Masashi Toyama Manager, IT Planning & Administration Department, Hodogaya Chemical Co., Ltd.
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Hodogaya Chemical Co. Ltd

Hodogaya Chemical runs SAP and Business Warehouse easily on Cloud IaaS Private Hosted LCP


Hodogaya Chemical makes a wide range of products to respond to the needs of the times, from dyes and agricultural chemicals to pharmaceutical intermediates, polyurethane materials, and information recording materials, not to mention charge control agents (CCAs), for which the company has the highest market share in the world.


  • Even out the costs of hardware upgrades made every five years
  • Improve the performance of the information analysis tool
  • Streamline the IT Planning & Administration Department’s operation and maintenance tasks


Solution Poised to upgrade its mission-critical system, which it ran on SAP, Hodogaya Chemical Co., Ltd. considered migrating the system to the cloud and chose to adopt FUJITSU Cloud IaaS Private Hosted LCP (Private Hosted LCP) after placing high value on Private Hosted LCP’s capabilities to streamline operations and significantly reduce costs.


  • Reduced costs as a result of adopting the cloud (IaaS), where even mission-critical systems can be offloaded, eliminating the need for hardware upgrades
  • Highly responsive experience for users due to a reduction in the batch processing time to one-fifth of the previous processing time
  • Freed by use of the cloud from the burden of operation and maintenance tasks, the IT Planning & Administration Department can focus on strategic internal tasks

Download Full Case Study PDF

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