With this system, based on FUJITSU Logistic Solution Logifit, we will find an optimal route in the blink of an eye as it will automatically plan a dispatch route.

Hajime Otsuki, Director Acecook Vietnam JSC
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Acecook Vietnam JSC

Acecook Vietnam JSC introduces automatic planning of optimal routes with Logistic Solution Logifit


With its headquarters based in Osaka, Acecook Co. Ltd manufactures and sells instant noodles. It established Acecook Vietnam JSC (ACV) in 1995 starting with the production and sale of instant noodles. Since then, it has released a number of products with its goal being ‘to raise the level of food as a whole in Vietnam’. Due to the success of Hao Hao in 2000, the popularity of its products extends to every corner of the country.


Acecook Vietnam JSC (ACV) aimed to reform business management through revamping logistics, moving away from local logistics companies which previously completed data management and dispatch planning manually. It wanted to visualize its logistics to improve efficiency while reducing costs.


In partnership with Fujitsu, ACV leveraged FUJITSU Logistic Solution Logifit to develop an easy to use joint logistics information system using accurate geographic data to judge the optimal routes, while complying with loading regulations and local traffic restrictions.


  • Enabled logistics management to be brought inhouse, reducing costs
  • Efficient transportation with appropriate dispatch plans
  • Improvement of physical distribution quality
  • Increased accuracy of delivery time and reduction of false delivery

Download Full Case Study PDF