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Comboios De Portugal innovates and simplifies its POS and ticketing infrastructure

"With one transaction, it is possible to find a single ticket for the national network. In the urban areas, with one single card it is possible to use multiple operators"

Luis Vale, Product System Developer, Comboios De Portugal

The customer

Comboios De Portugal (CP) is the state-owned national railways operator. It has a firm commitment to contributing towards Portugal’s economic development and the safe, effective transportation of its citizens. Over 100 million passengers travel with CP yearly. Every business day more than 1,450 train connections fulfil the mobility needs of Portuguese citizens.

The challenge

Comboios De Portugal relied on a manual, paper-based process to manage its vital ticketing function, however, this was prone to fraud and human error. The company wanted to introduce a new automated ticketing platform that would be faster, more flexible and more accurate.

The solution

The company selected Fujitsu to provide a centralized software platform that acts as the hub for a new smartcard system and connects to new in-station EPOS, PDAs and self-service kiosks.

The benefit

  • Minimized potential for passenger fraud, maximizing revenue
  • By automating much of the ticketing process, it is able to reduce the need for on-site personnel, lowering costs
  • New ticketing platform offers much more flexibility to its customers
  • View all transactions in real-time
  • Allows more flexible response to changing market demands
  • Potential for human error in manual entry has been strongly reduced


Read the full Comboios De Portugal case study (1.41 MB /A4, 2 pages)