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GeoMon achieve cost-effective data processing with CELSIUS workstations

"As it can take more than twelve hours to analyze the data that the drones gather during their flights, having reliable, stable systems is essential. With Fujitsu, we get exactly that."

Sascha Heising Chief Technology Officer, GeoMon

For GeoMon, a geo-information service provider, processing data on workstations rather than with a cloud solution became more cost-effective within just six months.

The customer

GeoMon is a start-up that was founded in 2013. The company started out by running analyses on data acquired from drone flights for its customers. It now specializes in providing a comprehensive range of services covering the fields of GIS and unmanned aerial vehicles. These can be divided into four different business areas ranging from data acquisition itself to preparing this data for its customers. However, it also sees a new field of business opening up by offering a complete solution comprising software, hardware, drones and consultation services.

The challenge

GeoMon specializes in advising customers on how to analyze data acquired from drone flights. To do this, it requires a stable hardware environment.

The Solution

The company now uses FUJITSU CELSIUS R920 workstations with professional AMD FirePro™ W7000 graphics cards. Workstations can prove to be more cost-effective solution than cloud based services after just six months.

The Benefit

  • System stability
  • Lower costs, particularly during the testing phase and when under frequent use
  • Onsite data availability


Read the full GeoMon case study. (821 KB/A4, 2 pages)