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  5. Data Center and End User Services make Lindorff’s financial transactions faster and more accurate

Data Center and End User Services make Lindorff’s financial transactions faster and more accurate

"We have a single data center and backup system for all applications. Data systems in all countries are connected to a single shared infrastructure platform run by Fujitsu, which also enables consolidation at an application level."

Roger Andre Søttar, Head of Sourcing and Vendor Management, Lindorff Group

The customer

The Lindorff Group is one of Europe’s leading providers of debt-related administrative services and has grown into one of the biggest and fastest-growing debt collection agencies in the world. The Group offers credit management and payment services ranging from credit decisions to invoicing, debt collection and claim purchasing. It operates in 12 European countries and in 2013 its turnover was €450 million. The Group employs nearly 3,000 people, 500 of whom are stationed in Finland.

The challenge

The Lindorff Group was running decentralized IT operations in twelve countries across Europe, leading to a lack of consistency and high inefficiency. It wanted to find a more consolidated approach to technology.

The solution

The company turned to Fujitsu for a secure, consistent IT environment, as well as local support services and 24/7 service desk capability. This environment is underpinned by two data centers in Finland which provide applications for the entire business.

The benefit

  • Reduction of incidents from over 1,000 per month to under 500, enabling the business to operate more effectively
  • New virtualized environment has reduced number of servers by 50 percent
  • IT team now has more time to concentrate on adding strategic value
  • 25,000 financial transactions are now handled accurately and quickly every day


Read the full Lindorff Group case study (361 KB/A4, 2 pages)