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  5. Stanley Electric Co., Ltd. Real-time data analysis enables quick decisions

Stanley Electric Co., Ltd. Real-time data analysis enables quick decisions

Big Data builds a system to integrate and visualize information of power consumption of 27 global factories

The challenge

  • Analysis of the status quo and policy reviews have been carried out to achieve business goals based on the judgment of staff in charge of individual factories
  • To analyze the status quo, factory supervisors have had to depend on weekly/monthly reports from the staff in charge
  • These circumstances have prevented the company from making quick and accurate decisions and taking appropriate measures to achieve business goals

The solution

  • Visually displays how power is consumed at each factory from various perspectives
  • Integrates measurement data obtained from power monitoring systems and sensors made by various manufacturers into a single system through interface conversion
  • Provides communication features that allow text messages to be freely displayed on the screen, enabling factory supervisors to submit status reports and provide information to managers and other factories

The benefit

  • Real-time data analysis enables quick decisions to be made and effective action to be taken for achieving goals
  • Access to data on other factories is available to support making systematic decisions at corporate level
  • Analyzing long-term trends using Big Data and other operations make it easy to understand the characteristics of individual factories as well as their manufacturing