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Richardson Police Department transforms its processing through RFID technology

"Not only did the RFID technology make us more efficient in terms of finding and keeping records of our equipment, but it also transformed the way that we purchase, receive and issue equipment. We found much smoother ways of processing these things so that we can do a better job."

Jim Spivey, Police Chief, Richardson Police Department, Texas

The customer

For over 50 years, Richardson Police Department has been providing services to citizens in trouble, emergency responders in the field, and other public safety agencies. It serves a city of just over 100,000 people and is amongst the largest of 20 police departments in Texas with 156 sworn officers.

The challenge

With increasing demands for security and accountability, Richardson Police Department wanted to find a more efficient way of tracking and logging its uniforms, weapons, vehicles and other sensitive items.

The solution

It turned to local RFID specialist Fujitsu GlobeRanger to provide an array of suitable tags and software to ensure seamless visibility of its inventory.

The benefit

  • Patrol cars can be checked out 15 minutes faster which, across the force, is equivalent to one extra officer on the streets
  • The system is significantly more efficient, enabling real-time visibility of items and removing the need for an annual audit that would take months
  • It makes dangerous weapons more secure and provides public accountability for taxpayer spend
  • It has the potential to track evidence and thus increase the likelihood of successful public prosecutions