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BUWOG Group outsources its entire IT infrastructure to Fujitsu

"The only way we could achieve everything we needed to in terms of decentralization and data center and server power was by outsourcing."

Dr. Josef Füricht, IT Director, BUWOG Group

The customer

The BUWOG Group is Germany and Austria’s leading full-service supplier for the residential property sector. Its portfolio consists of over 52,000 properties split roughly equally between the two countries, and has been valued at approximately 3.6 billion Euro (as of 31/01/2015). BUWOG AG’s stocks have been listed on the exchanges in Vienna, Frankfurt and Warsaw since late April 2014.

The challenge

The company needed to outsource all of its IT operations within five months, whilst ensuring that its 700 employees could continue to work without interruption. BUWOG also needed to integrate a second IT landscape into the project following its acquisition of Prelios.

The solution

  • Fujitsu now provides managed services for over 700 employees from a central location. These include providing:
    • Central, SLA-based IT services
    • Basic services such as email, file storage and printing
    • Operating the ERP software
    • Cloud-based server, storage and backup infrastructures
    • Operating the databases
    • Operating the LAN infrastructure
  • Providing and operating the WAN infrastructure (MPLS)
  • Providing and operating a cloud-based IP telephony system
  • Managing the company’s mobile devices (smartphones, tablets)
  • Providing and operating workspace environments (PCs, laptops, printers)

The benefit

  • Fast setup and training to ensure that the merged teams reach the defined performance standards
  • Excellent flexibility to manage peak demands such as when the accounting and financial controlling departments are preparing their quarterly reports and require additional computing power
  • Services can be increased or reduced on a monthly basis
  • Higher transparency in terms of costs and a simpler overview of the total cost of ownership
  • Easier for the company to focus on its core competencies


Read the full BUWOG Group case study (191 KB/A4, 2 pages)