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FUJITEC increase database performance by 17 times with Fujitsu M10

"Implementing Fujitsu M10 as an integrated database for our mission-critical system ensures we can keep running costs low, deliver better business continuity and achieve 17 times the performance of our previous system"

Mr. Yoshitaka Koanji, Assistant Manager, Information System Department, Corporate Planning HQ

The customer

FUJITEC was founded in 1948 and is a leading company in people moving systems including elevators, escalators, and moving walkways. FUJITEC also manufactures a number of unique products such as the Door-Edge Sensor which uses a laser to detect thin objects (e.g. string, leash or cord) that maybe stuck in the elevator doors and thereby increase elevator safety. In the 1960s, FUJITEC expanded overseas before the rest of the industry under the philosophy of “Co-existence and Co-prosperity”, developing their business in 20 countries around the world, particularly across Asia, North and South America, and the Middle East.

Currently, 60% of FUJITEC’s gross sales are from overseas business. In their mid-term management plan titled “Grow Together! Yes, Fujitec Can” (FY 2013 – FY 2015), the basic policy describes further raising the presence of FUJITEC in the global market as well as exceeding customers’ expectations, and standards for reliability, through a priority on safety and quality. ICT

The challenge

FUJITEC wanted to increase the speed of their mission-critical system’s integrated database in order to support an increase in data from big data utilization and system integration. They recognized this would improve the availability of the integrated database, which was an important factor in advancing global operations. During this process to improve performance, as well as disaster recovery measures, it was also vital for FUJITEC to minimize the system’s running costs.

The solution

By combining Fujitsu M10 with Flash Accelerator F40 card, FUJITEC successfully increased performance to 17 times that of the existing system. This solution was now able to support high-speed processing for big data, necessary for their future business, and based on the mainframe-class reliability of Fujitsu M10; provide a safe and secure environment. In the event of a disaster, system recovery time was also significantly reduced by creating a disaster recovery site using Fujitsu M10 and Oracle Data Guard. While the number of CPU cores was kept low by improving the database system’s I/O function with the flash card, and by effectively using the standby server via the Fujitsu M10 virtualization function. This allowed software license costs to be optimized. In the end, FUJITEC was able to successfully address all necessary system requirements without increasing operational running costs.

The benefit

  • Significantly improved database’s processing performance
  • Increased response rate by 17 times that of the previous system by combining Fujitsu M10’s high performance processor with the Flash Accelerator F40 card
  • Quicker searches leading to an increase in productivity, providing ability for big data processing
  • Reduction in time required to switch between the operating system and the standby system from 60 to only 15 minutes
  • Minimal impact to daily operations regardless of disaster recovery training