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Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi

Palm Vein Pattern Biometrics Authentication System

Customer Profile

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi (BTM) is a leading commercial bank in Japan, offering an extensive scope of commercial, investment, and trust banking products and services to businesses, governments and individuals worldwide. BTM reached US$11.5B in total revenue in FY02. For further information, see

World's first "Contact-Less" palm vein pattern biometrics authentication.

palm vein pattern biometrics authentication

  • The pattern of blood veins is unique to every individual and will not vary over the course of a person's lifetime.
  • The fact that this pattern lies under the skin makes it almost impossible for others to read, so palm-vein pattern biometrics are essentially secure method of verification.
  • High authentication precision: Fujitsu's sampling test showed a result that false acceptance rate was 0.013%.

Fujitsu's Solution

Register the vein pattern data

A client registers the vein pattern data onto the IC card.

Register the vein pattern data

Transaction using IC Card with vein pattern data

A client inserts the IC Card onto which vein pattern was registered in advance. A client can make a financial transaction only when verified by the authentication device at the branch office or ATM.

Transaction using IC Card with vein pattern data

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  • Financial Services

Solution Areas:

  • Security Solutions


  • Japan


  • As part of its corporate strategy to strengthen the retail banking business, BTM was planning to issue a new type IC card which clients can use as both a credit and ATM card. In order to enhance the security of the transaction using the new card, BTM also planned to deploy biometrics authentication devices in ATMs and branch offices.


  • High Security: As the vein pattern registration and the authentication process are both done within the IC card, the client's financial transaction can be highly secured without leak of the personal data.
  • The addition of IC card and authentication function to the existing branch office system developed by Fujitsu, the incumbent SI vendor for the system, enables cost-effectiveness and short lead-time of the deployment.