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DURABLE accelerates backup times by deploying ETERNUS DX

"With the combination of a powerful storage system such as the ETERNUS DX410 S2 and highly performant PRIMERGY servers, we were able to accelerate our SAP applications dramatically, as well as halve our backup times"

Jürgen Schulte, Head of IT & Organization, DURABLE Hunke & Jochheim GmbH & Co. KG

The customer

DURABLE is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of office supplies. The DURABLE range currently includes around 2,000 products, covering everything from folders and binders, name tags, registry systems, desk organization and data processing products, information and presentation systems, filing and archiving systems to cleaning products and self-adhesive items. DURABLE Hunke & Jochheim GmbH & Co. KG is a family company based in Iserlohn, Germany and was founded in 1920 as a manufacturer of metal paperclip tabs. It is considered a pioneer in the development and production of plastic office supplies. One of its most successful products is the patented DURACLIP® clip folder. Introduced in 1959, it has become synonymous with fast, high-quality and professional storage of un-punched writing materials. DURABLE employs around 700 people, making it a medium sized company with a history of production in Germany and a global customer base.

The challenge

Renovation of the data center infrastructure to increase availability and performance.

The solution

With the ETERNUS DX410 S2 from Fujitsu, DURABLE now has a highly performant, very scalable storage system that is still easy to manage.

The benefit

  • Reliable and secure storage of important company data
  • Constant data availability
  • Fast expansion of the storage capacity
  • Flexible scalability
  • Fast access times