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REHAU provides worldwide IT services from the Private Cloud

"Private Cloud is absolutely perfect for us because flexibility with ‘use your own device’ is our priority."

Thomas Schott CIO, REHAU

Increased flexibility thanks to Cloud Computing

IT departments have always claimed to provide their members of staff with powerful and efficient IT services. With the advent of Cloud Computing, this has become even easier to achieve. Thanks to the Cloud, IT becomes independent of platform and location and REHAU is making consistent use of this technology.
Named after the town of Rehau in North-East Bavaria, the global company REHAU still maintains the head office for its Automotive and Industrial divisions here. The international corporate headquarters is now located in Muri near Bern, Switzerland. The polymer processor produces plastic solutions for a wide range of industrial purposes. With reference to its product titles (with the AUVOLET vetro line” glass rolling shutter system for example, REHAU offers an innovative and high quality design element for the kitchen, bathroom or living room, the company christened its new Private Cloud RAUCLOUD.


Casestudy REHAU (128 KB)