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Fujitsu Implements Energy Management System in Augsburg Factory

"We managed to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by over 10 percent in only two years and to reduce the energy cost by more than 700,000 Euros per year. This result was only achievable by actively involving all employees in our energy management system."

Hellmut Böttner, Energy Management Representative, FUJITSU

Initial situation

Since 1987 computer and storage systems have been developed andproduced in Augsburg for worldwide commercialization. As the last and only location in Europe we produce up to 13,000 systems per day with 1,500 – 2,000 employees depending on the incoming orders. The Augsburg facility has its own development, production, procurement, logistics, sales and services and data centers for our customers, for tests and for production.

The challenge

Steadily increasing energy costs for electricity and gas: In 10 years fourfold increase of costs despite high efforts like usage of heat recovery, night setback, calorific value boiler at the heating, usage of ground water and free cooling for air conditioning and the data centers.

The solution

Introduction of an energy management system with detailed analyses including all employees by quality management and idea management and the workers council.


  • Savings of 10% CO2 emissions at the Augsburg facility in 2013 compared to 2011
  • Savings of about 700,000 Euro for energy and energy taxes per year 
  • Increase of energy efficiency of typical products of 10% in one year