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Toyota Australia Transforms End User Computing With Fujitsu

"The on-site and remote support requirement has noticeably reduced due to a simplified and standardised yet more manageable environment"

Kane Collins, Manager End User Services, TMCA

The customer

After over 50 years in Australia, Toyota has grown to be one of the country’s leading automotive companies.

Toyota Australia’s head office function and manufacturing/engineering activities in Melbourne are complemented by comprehensive sales and marketing operations based in Sydney. Additionally, Toyota has sales and distribution branches in all mainland Australian states except Western Australia. Toyota employs around 3,900 people and thousands more are employed in its supplier and retail networks. Toyota is Australia’s largest vehicle exporter, shipping to more than 13 different overseas markets.

The challenge

Toyota Australia needed to transform its End User Computing platform, migrating from a heterogeneous operating system environment to one consolidated on Windows 7.

The approach

Working closely with Toyota, Fujitsu carefully designed and deployed a unified SOE that included Windows 7 and Fujitsu’s standard End User Services Management platform for over 2,100 devices.

The benefit

  • Service desk calls and end-user related issues have fallen significantly due to simpler yet improved manageability of the new environment
  • The end-user experience has been improved and modernised supporting greater levels of employee productivity
  • Better integration with existing infrastructure and applications has made the platform more stable
  • Overall cost of service has been reduced, improving the Total Cost of Ownership