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Fujitsu Group Recognized for Award of Merit in Environmental Report Section from 18th Environmental Communication Awards

February 25, 2015

Fujitsu Group Environmental Report 2014 has been awarded the Award of Merit in the Environmental Report Section of the 18th Environmental Communication Awards, sponsored by Japan's Ministry of the Environment and the Global Environmental Forum.

Fujitsu was recognized for its stance on resolving environmental issues through its business; the way that its Environmental Report explained, in a quantitative and easy-to-understand way, its performance in the three-year Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan Stage VII; and its external communications in the form of a continuing dialogue on the environment.

About the Environmental Communication Awards

By recognizing excellence in environmental reporting, the Environmental Communication Awards are designed to promote companies' environmental communications initiatives and improve the quality of such communications.

Reasons Why Fujitsu Received the Award

The following aspects of the Environmental Report were recognized.

  • The company's president recognizes global environmental issues, ties environmental initiatives to the company's business, and works to resolve issues.
  • The performance targets of the three-year Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan Stage VII, such as reducing CO2 emissions by developing environmentally friendly products, are, to the extent possible, defined quantitatively, making the company's performance record easy to understand.
  • The company's stance in continuing a dialogue on the environment with outside experts in order to hear society's expectations for the company.
  • The reader-friendly way the data are presented in the second half of the report.

Overview of the Report

  • What contribution can ICT make in relation to the deepening environmental issues facing the globe? The report explains the Fujitsu Group's approach to environmental management and introduces three case studies of Fujitsu's contributions in respective areas of climate and water, agriculture, and energy.
  • It reports on achievements in fiscal 2013 under the Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan Stage VII (for fiscal 2013-2015), which was devised based on the Fujitsu Group's priority issues as well as expectations and needs of society. Particular achievements it mentions include reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 10.87 million tons among customers and society as a whole through the provision of ICT, a year-on-year decline of 66,000 tons at Fujitsu Group facilities alone, and improving resource efficiency by 21.3% in new products by pursuing more compact, lighter products, making ICT products themselves less resource-intensive.
  • It also introduces charity events, forest revitalization, and other initiatives that Fujitsu Group employees around the world proactively undertake in collaboration with local communities.
  • To ensure the reliability of its content, the entire publication was audited by a third-party institution and includes an independent assurance report. It also complies with the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines Version 3.1 (G3.1) standard, and corresponds to GRI Application Level B+.
  • Further details and new information is available on the company's website.