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Fujitsu's Numazu Plant Wins "Contributing to a Green Society" Award

April 10, 2014

Fujitsu's Numazu Plant has been awarded the 2014 "Contributing to a Green Society" Award from the Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Infrastructure, in recognition of that plant's ongoing efforts to contribute to the local community and protect the environment through its diligence in pursuing green programs.

About the "Contributing to a Green Society" Awards

"Contributing to a Green Society" awards are based on nationwide greening programs recognized to have produced extraordinary environmental results in protecting biodiversity and contributing to regional communities through good stewardship of corporate green spaces and openness to the public. To promote business-driven efforts for urban greening, the awards were established in 2013 with the goal of encouraging lush, verdant urban development. The awards are now in their second year.

Basis for Selection

The Numazu Plant is located in Shizuoka Prefecture at the foot of the Ashitaka Mountains, where roughly 80% of the site's 53 hectares are given over to large green spaces. Instead of fences or walls, the site's 4-km perimeter is planted with cypress trees to harmonize with the surroundings. The site is also planted with rows of cherry and plum trees, gardens, natural forests, and the local specialties of Shizuoka Prefecture, tea bushes and mandarin orange trees. The Tea Harvest Festival, summer camp for children, nature hikes, and other seasonal events are all open to the public, and it was for this public access to green space that the Numazu Plant has been recognized.

The Tea Harvest FestivalThe Tea Harvest Festival

The Numazu Plant's Green Programs

The Numazu Plant was established in 1976 with the concept of being a park-like factory that harmonized with its surroundings. The site was divided into three types of zones - gardens, groves, and natural forests - with long-term growth plans for each under which trees are planted, pruned, and managed. These ongoing efforts have led to the creation of a healthy environment for many types of living things.

Ikoi-no-sato, a part of the Numazu Plant site.Ikoi-no-sato, a part of the Numazu Plant site.