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Fujitsu M10 Server Wins Environment Minister's Award

December 04, 2013

Fujitsu has been honored with the 2013 Environment Minister's Award for Global Warming Prevention Activity in the Technological Development and Commercialization category for its SPARC Server Fujitsu M10. This server, which Fujitsu sells under the product name of SPARC M10 in Japan, was recognized by Japan's Ministry of the Environment as contributing to the prevention of global warming through its energy-saving design.

About the Environment Minister's Award for Global Warming Prevention Activity

The Minister of the Environment Award for the Prevention of Global Warming is given as part of the Ministry of the Environment's efforts to promote measures that reduce global warming. Granted annually since 1998, the award recognizes individuals or organizations that have made noteworthy contributions to the field.

About UNIX Server Fujitsu M10

Installed with the Fujitsu SPARC64™ X processor, Fujitsu M10 is a high-performance, high-reliability UNIX server that brings together the high standard of reliability that is demanded by mission-critical systems, high-performance processing capacity that enables massive amounts of data to be rapidly processed - a key advantage in the era of big data - and dynamic scalability to accommodate exponential data growth.

In order to support unparalleled processing performance, the server employs Liquid Loop Cooling, an autonomous liquid circulation technology that builds on the cooling technologies leveraged in Fujitsu's supercomputers. This technology combines the strengths of both conventional air cooling and liquid cooling methods to develop a new cooling technology that can reduce fan power consumption by approximately 50%(1). Moreover, in addition to accommodating relevant environmental regulations, the Fujitsu M10's energy-saving design enables power consumption savings of up to 15%(2) compared to Fujitsu's previous products, and through server integration that takes advantage of virtualization technology, the server achieves a reduction in power consumption of up to 68%(3).


How Liquid Loop Cooling worksHow Liquid Loop Cooling works

  • [1] Power consumption reduced by approximately 50%

    Comparison based on application of the SPARC Enterprise cooling method to the Fujitsu M10 model

  • [2] Power consumption savings of up to 15%

    Comparison between SPARC Enterprise M5000 and Fujitsu M10-4 models

  • [3] Power consumption reduction of up to 68%

    When consolidating five SPARC Enterprise M3000 servers into a single Fujitsu M10-1 model.