Global Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer

Takumi Maruyama


I have been consistently engaged in Fujitsu processor development. Starting from office computer processor development since I joined the company, I developed the first and the third SPARC64 processors at HAL Computer Systems in the United States, and developed various processors for UNIX servers and supercomputers after returning to Japan.


In addition to the processor development above, I have worked on Fujitsu processor related external business, including processor conference presentations (ex. IEEE Hot Chips and Cool Chips), writing corresponding papers, joint research with universities, technical negotiations with other companies, and technology explanations to customers.

Value Creation

Through the development of Fujitsu processors, I have increased the value of Fujitsu server products such as SPARC M10/M12 UNIX servers and PRIMEHPC supercomputers. Especially in K computer and Supercomputer Fugaku, I have raised awareness of Fujitsu's advanced technologies, and I hope I have contributed to the development of science and technology in Japan.