Global Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer

Kousetsu Kayama


While working at Fujitsu, I engaged in company-wide promotion of security talent development using the knowledge I gained from setting up CSIRTs, and in the simultaneous pursuit of digital transformation and security. I have also served as a CySec lecturer and researcher at the Cyber Security Laboratory of Tokyo Denki University, external lecturer at Nagoya Institute of Technology, external lecturer at Chuo University, researcher at the Security Center of the Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA), curriculum committee member and lecturer certification committee member for Registered Information Security Specialist, SecHack365 trainer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, adviser at the Security Camp Council, and recipient of the 2016 Asia Pacific Information Security Leadership Achievement (ISLA) from (ISC)2.


  • Researched the latest threats as a part time researcher at the Information-technology Promotion Agency, disseminated new keywords for 2011 (exit strategies) and 2013 (internal measures). Currently, also serving as a Registered Information Security Specialist Curriculum Committee Member.
    [Author of:]
    IPA Technical Watch “Report on Weaknesses in Design and Operation Targeted by Attackers”
    “System Design Guide for 'Sophisticated Targeted Attack' Countermeasures”, and more
  • Researched cybersecurity as part-time researcher of Tokyo Denki University and lecturer at multiple other universities (616 individuals attended in 2021)
  • Curriculum committee member for Registered Information Security Specialist (1,397 individuals attended in 2021)
  • Security Camp Executive Committee Member, Planning Group Chief Supervisor; Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications NICT SecHack365 trainer; SECCON Program Committee Member
  • Received the (ISC)2 Information Security Leadership Achievements (ISLA) Asia Pacific 2016
    (ISC)2 Announces 2016 Asia-Pacific Information Security Leadership Achievements ISLA Honoreesopen in new window

Value Creation

  • Central government ministry A: Quality control manager, receiving business negotiations for Capture the Flags (CTF).
  • Company B: Worked as security consultant for receiving cyber range business negotiations and external sales for security talent development.
  • Company C: Worked as project manager for auditing, physical inspection, visualization, and corrective action support services.
  • Central government ministry D/E: Worked as security team leader for infrastructure revision projects.