Global Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer

Kazuhisa Shirakami


When I was a software engineer, I developed UNIX-based OS and firmware for network switches and routers.
Currently, I research cybersecurity at the Fujitsu System Integration Laboratories.
I have contacts with people doing external activities and organizations to learn more about the security industry, and also started external activities.
My work has me contribute through participation in international projects of The Center for Threat-informed Defense (MITRE CTID).


  • Contributes to creating and automating cyber attacker simulation plans as a member of MITRE CTID (since 2020)
  • As a SECCON Program Committee member, created CTF challenges, lectured at study groups, and helped organize events (since 2014)
  • Lecturer at IPA Security Next Camp 2020 for students
  • Listed as Arsenal Speaker at BlackHat USA 2016
  • Supported organization of Cyber SEA Game 2015 in 10 ASEAN countries (toured 5 countries)
  • Lecturer at the study session of the Japan Registered Information Security Specialists' Association (2021)

Value Creation

  • Research into cyber range construction technologies
    • Contributed to acquiring business negotiations for a cyber training environment (cyber range) for the Ministry of Defense
  • Research into cyber training scenario definitions, automated implementation (robotization)
    • Exhibited and gave demonstrations at Fujitsu's Defense Forum
  • Creation of CTF challenges at Fujitsu, support for organization of events
    • Contributed to uncovering and cultivating Fujitsu's security talent
  • Organized hands-on CTF events for customers at the Fujitsu Forum
    • Gave explanations on how to solve CTF challenges
  • Contributed to improving product security
    • Internal red team practices
    • IoT malware analysis