Global Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer

Amitkumar Shrivastava


I am passionate about Artificial Intelligence (AI) science and technology and understand that it has enormous potential to solve challenging problems.
I aim to support many people’s lives and my vision includes sustainable innovation and responsible solutions and business.
I think “AI can play a strong role as an enabler to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation”.
I advocate for sustainable, ethical, accountable, and trusted and credible AI.


I actively participate and am well connected and recognized in external activities/forums with AI technology and initiative.

  • Among the 20 Industry leaders in the National Association of Software and Service Companies AI Special Interest Group (SIG) for a vision to grow the AI ecosystem in India.
  • Felicitated at the National Association of Software and Service Companies diversity and inclusion summit event for service as AI Mentor for Woman Wizards Tech Rule [W2RT] for women technologists - a D&I initiative from NASSCOM Sector Skills Council (SSC) and the Data Security Council of India (DSCI).
  • AI Advisor/Tutor/Mentor and gets approached from Industry, Academia, and individuals [national/international]
  • Member of various communities [e.g., British Computer Society, IEEE Computer Society, ACM]
  • Featured and Published Author
  • More than 20 prestigious awards (Internal/External)

Value Creation

  • Amit is one of company’s leading engineers. He maintains world-class technical skills and has a proven track record of creating value in Fujitsu's growing technology sector, particularly AI and its future business. He is also positioned as an AI evangelist and thought leader, driving and executing strategic growth initiatives in AI.
  • He supports, develops, and delivers best-in-class solutions deployed at scale within a PoC environment. He is also working on industry-academia collaboration by utilizing our skills.
  • His own expertise and vision will enhance the company’s AI training, education, technology, and innovation. To date, he has conducted training for more than 400 Fujitsu employees.
  • Amit gave lectures on new technology information on AI at internal and external conferences.