Global Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer

Amitkumar Shrivastava


Namaste! Some people have a vision for the future and strive to make it happen. I am one such person with an immense passion for Artificial Intelligence (AI) science & technology; its potential beyond imagination can solve challenging problems. I live it every day to make this happen.

At Fujitsu, I am the Head of Artificial Intelligence in India, further developing GDC India into an AI hub and contributing to the overall AI growth of Fujitsu through various Global activities. Moreover, as an Official Fujitsu India spokesperson, I represent our commitment to keeping technology at the forefront.

I aim to touch many lives through my commitment to sustainable innovation and responsible AI solutions. I can visualize AI as a strong enabler for the environment, society, and economy. I advocate for sustainable, ethical, accountable, trusted, and credible AI.

My professional journey in AI is rooted in a robust academic background spanning Computer Science and Engineering, Advanced Computing, Computational Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence. With great enthusiasm, I channel this wealth of knowledge and experience into various roles as an advisor, tutor, mentor, and coach. In these capacities, I guide individuals from all walks of life—from undergraduates to PhD candidates—as well as academic institutions and industry professionals.

This allows me to cultivate and nurture the next generation of AI enthusiasts and professionals.


Amit is a noted AI mentor and industry leader and holds esteemed roles across various high-profile technology committees, computer societies, and national industrial associations.

For example, Amit is recognized and works with the National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM), and plays various roles, such as an AI SIG leader, AI mentor, and National AI skills advisor. As an advisor for the National Programme on AI Skilling Framework, he is instrumental in developing Gen-AI standards, including National Occupational Standards (NOSs), micro-credentials, and qualifications and curricula tailored for AI for all the many and few, spanning from students to professionals to homemakers. He is also contributing as one of the primary shapers of NASSCOM's Gen AI Skills Transformation Initiative, helping to define the necessary skills for the Gen AI era and providing strategic direction for the industry in 2024. 

Additionally, he is contributing to the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) initiative, developing specialized post-10th diploma courses in AI to enhance youth employability in the country, focusing on underprivileged students or those who have dropped out of education. Amit is instrumental in shaping India's AI landscape, transforming the country into a leading hub for digital talent, thereby supporting academia, industry, and government.

Esteemed platforms such as the Forbes Technology Council, Analytics India Magazine, and AI & Analytics Association have honored him as a Leader and Influencer within the AI and Analytics industry. He is also recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice (Blue Badge).

In addition, Amit has also been recognized as one of the top 10 Influential Leaders Shaping the Future of Tech, among the top 25 AI pioneers in India, among the 20 influential voices in AI for business and people transformation, and much more by respected publications.

Moreover, he continues to advocate for diversity and inclusion, actively mentoring women who are pursuing leadership roles through a national program, an effort for which he has received widespread commendations.

Amit is also an accomplished speaker and panelist, and a featured and published author. He frequently appears and contributes to category-A media (print & online) and top-tier conferences that span technology, scientific, leadership, and business conferences nationally and internationally. He has earned over 50 honors and awards for his expertise and contributions.

Value Creation

Amit is seen as one of the company's leading AI leaders. He maintains world-class technical skills with a proven record of creating value in Fujitsu's growing technology sector, particularly AI and its future business. Also, positioned as an AI evangelist and thought leader, he is driving and executing strategic growth initiatives and working with Fujitsu's different departments and research units with a mission to grow AI technology and business.

Some examples:

  • One of the keys to establishing and growing the AI Unit and Team in Global Delivery Centers.
  • Spearheaded, developed, and delivered best-in-class solutions inside PoC environments and at scale for various Industry verticals and domains.
  • Strengthened AI Training & Education and Technology & Innovation, mentoring more than four hundred Fujitsu associates.
  • Created AI and Analytics learning pathways to address skill gaps and shaped Advance Analytics service components for the business.
  • Received the Fujitsu President Award under the Advanced Technology Category for a Future category proposal to improve crop yield using image recognition.
  • Showcased and positioned Fujitsu's innovative technology through active participation in global forums like the Fujitsu Forum and Fujitsu Activate Now.
  • As the Head of the GDCs Regional Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer chapter, he is committed to enhancing technological excellence and innovation. Furthermore, as a standing Fellow, he plays a pivotal role in strengthening the Distinguished Engineer community.

Additionally, for Fujitsu, through information dissemination, adding value as:

  • A regular speaker at the Fujitsu Learning Festival, Breakout Sessions, Teach Backs, Technical Talks, roundtables, conferences, and webinars, both national and international representing Fujitsu.
  • A mentor, author, reviewer, and panel member for Fujitsu Convention papers

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