Global Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer

Abdul Matin


I have managed 25 diverse programs and projects across public and private sectors, accumulating significant knowledge and experience. Beginning my IT journey in 1997, I established a multinational retail company's service desk and later joined a global Telecoms firm's graduate scheme. After successfully completing the graduate program, I progressed to operational management in the Network Operation Centre and subsequently undertook a program management role for a network firmware upgrade for BT’s Broadband Network, nationally.
Joining Fujitsu in 2006, I managed diverse Programmes and Projects, including a decade-long tenure with HMRC. A notable achievement was leading the development and deployment of FAST, the first major private cloud for the biggest government account, resulting in a Gold Star Award.
Transitioning to the private sector in 2017, I managed global network transitions for BAT and orchestrated a complex network transition and transformation for Selecta in Europe, garnering multiple Gold/Silver Star awards. In bid management, I played a pivotal role in winning the RSA bid for Ireland and Bristol City Council IT Transformation Program.
Due to my in-depth network knowledge, I was asked to temporarily join the Commonwealth Games Program, as the lead Venue Telecommunications Manager in 2022, earning a Gold Star award for successfully deploying and maintaining the network. Returning to FCMS post-Commonwealth Games, I continue as a Programme Lead, facilitating onboarding for various global customers and setting up a regional delivery centre in Northern Ireland for UK public sector clients. My contributions were recognized with the Employee of the Month award and a Gold Impact award for the work, showcasing my expertise and commitment to the IT sector.
In my spare time I run a charity, that I am a founder member for, and the current secretary.


  • Major firmware upgrade of BT’s National Broadband network
  • Design and Development of Bespoke Training materials for a major ERP SAP role out
  • Development and deployment of the biggest private cloud for a government customer
  • Design and delivery of complex Network infrastructure transition from incumbent supplier to Fujitsu GDC India within a time critical deadline
  • Transition and Transformation of Selecta’s European Network and major Network refresh / upgrade of offices and distribution centers across Europe
  • APM Project of the Year 2022 and PMI Top 6 Project of the Year 2022 - Birmingham 2022 - Commonwealth Games - Venue Technology Communications Manager – Successful design, delivery and maintenance of Hockey and Squash venue, for network infrastructure, to enable the games to Go Live and maintenance throughout for successful games within a time critical period and the service management operations during the Commonwealth Games
  • Enablement of Global Delivery Centers and Local Delivery Centers to take on Fujitsu Cloud Managed Services (FCMS) Onboarding of these services and maintenance. Including creation of Onboarding Project Plan templates and costings for various services
  • Project Management Institute (PMI) and Association of Project Management (APM) Lead for Fujitsu DTE
  • Fujitsu DTE Lead, for Cloud Services
  • Coach and Mentor for Fujitsu colleagues and externally for Warwick University Students and local community people
  • Founder member and secretary of a charitable organization – Surrey Muslim Funeral Services

Value Creation

I have played various pivotal roles in Programmes and Project Management in Fujitsu , notably in the development and deployment of FAST, the first significant private cloud for a major government client. During the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, led the UNB venue for Fujitsu, ensuring a successful delivery of critical network infrastructure within budget and with sustainability benefits. Facing unique challenges, including a tight timeframe, orchestrated the deployment of robust private networks across diverse site of circa 1.5 miles radius, contributing to the Games' success.

In the Fujitsu Cloud Managed Service (FCMS), I have been instrumental in enabling regions globally to take on FCMS and Onboarding customers successfully. Currently contribute to service management, creating templates and processes widely used globally for FCMS Onboarding of customers. Additionally, I have established a regional delivery centre in Northern Ireland for UK public sector customers.

Beyond technical roles, I am involved in mentoring and coaching colleagues within and outside Fujitsu, engaging in reverse mentoring with senior colleagues. I am also a founder member and Secretary of a public charity, overseeing its day-to-day operations.