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Three Powers of ICT

Human Centric Intelligent Society

Three Powers of ICT[The Power to Shape the Future][The Power to Provide Equal Opportunities to All People][The Power to Support Safe and Secure Living]

Imagine a world where people are free to achieve their full potential and instinctively feel secure and in control. A world where knowledge is continually harnessed to drive new value and support sustainable growth.

An Era in which All Manner of Objects and Social Infrastructure are Connected by Networks.
But with instant access to knowledge enabled through smart devices and the cloud, computing is now progressing into a new, human-centric era, where technology connects people, rather than the other way around.
The Fujitsu Group will transform society by producing new knowledge from the real-time analysis of the enormous volumes of data obtained in digital worlds.
"The Power of ICT" will support the activities and actions of people, striving for solving various social issues.

1 The Power to Shape the Future 2 The Power to Provide Equal Opportunities to All Peole 3 The Power to Support Safe and Secure Living

1 The Power to Shape the Future The Power of ICT for sustainability and beyond

Solving difficult global challenges and social issues through computing

  • Demonstrate world-class technology leadership to step as far as possible into the future
  • Expand the provision of solutions designed to address priorities (food, healthcare, education, etc.)
  • Achieve our environmental vision - a low-carbon, prosperous society

Framework for Opening a Path to the Future

Interpreting the Activities of People and Society As Data, Solving Issues, and Creating New Intelligence

Data from households, workplaces, and various other places in society; data collected over networks from smart devices and sensors. Data portrays the activities and conditions of people and society in real time. By analyzing these enormous volumes of data with powerful computing resources, new knowledge can be created to support decision-making and enable the solving of social issues. We want to use the power of ICT to get even one step closer to the future - we want to step up to the challenge of solving the world's most vexing problems through innovation. The Fujitsu Group is committed to helping solve environmental, energy, transportation, food, health, medical, and various other social issues by realizing a human centric intelligent society.

2 The Power to Provide Equal Opportunities to All People The Power of ICT for sustainability and beyond

Develop user-friendly terminals and interfaces, along with frameworks for promoting ICT implementation in developing countries

  • Develop terminals and devices targeting rapidly increasing Internet users
  • Execute businesses that provide opportunities on a global basis
  • Conduct field surveys in developing countries and develop partnerships

Creation of Environments where the Advantages of ICT Can Be Enjoyed

Toward a Society Where All of the World's People Can Easily Use and Apply ICT Toward a Society Where Bonds among People Are Deepened, and Wisdom and Expertise Are Shared

With the spread of the Internet, it is now possible for anyone to easily obtain new information and knowledge. Smart devices provide us with various kinds of information while we shop, work, and go about other aspects of our daily lives. On the other hand, seniors for whom it is difficult to take full advantage of ICT, and people living in developing countries with inadequate infrastructure, are suffering from opportunities lost because of an information gap. We want to use the power of ICT to help connect people and bring opportunity to the world's 7 billion people. The Fujitsu Group is working to create a framework for promoting the spread of ICT, for example, by developing interfaces that are easy to understand and use, and installing telecommunications infrastructure. We see this as working toward the realization of a society where as many people as possible can use ICT to pursue their own potential.

3 The Power to Support Safe and Secure Living The Power of ICT for sustainability and beyond

Ensure stable operation of social ICT infrastructure and cyber security

  • Help to build a value-creation platform, eyeing an era when virtually everything is connected to the Internet
  • Achieve stable operation of world-class ICT systems
  • Develop and strengthen cyber security solutions

Social Infrastructure Supported by ICT

Social ICT Infrastructure that is Highly Reliable and Robust against Accidents, Disasters, and Cyber Attacks. We Want ICT to be a Power that Protects Peoples' Daily Lives, Industry, Society, and the World

ICT covers every aspect of society and supports our daily lives in areas like energy, transportation, finance, and medicine. ICT systems, however, have gradually become more and more complex, and there have been occasional instances in which accidents, disasters, unanticipated trouble, or other problems have resulted in significant impacts on society. The Internet, too, while greatly improving convenience for society, has shown its dark side in the form of rising cyber crime, cyber attacks on key infrastructure, and other threats to international society. We want to use the power of ICT to promote safety and security in daily life by completely insulating social infrastructure from all threats. The Fujitsu Group will continue to use cloud-based security monitoring, biometric authentication devices, and other cutting-age technology to protect people's daily lives, industry, and society.