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Thinking from Scratch with AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Thinking from Scratch with AI (Artificial Intelligence)


Because of the deep learning breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence (AI) research in recent years, AI has seen rapid development, leading to an AI boom.
Due to accelerated use, AI is now employed in all types of businesses and service operations, including financial transactions, medical care, marketing, and production lines.
In the "Thinking from Scratch with AI" workshop, we reference the latest AI technologies to think together with customers about how to utilize AI in their businesses and service operations through group work and discussions.

Target Customers:

  • Customers who are interested in using AI but do not know where to start
  • Customers who want to consider how to use AI in their companies' businesses and service operations
  • Customers who want to determine how to combine field service operations with AI technologies creatively

Process Example of workshop flow

Using inspiration cards and other tools, customers work individually and in pairs to generate ideas; they share their current statuses and visions for the future with other group members and organize their thoughts to make presentations.
We help customers organize issues and strategies so that they can find ways to apply AI in their companies (and industries).
In addition, we introduce Fujitsu's AI initiatives and usage, along with related solutions, to help customers generate ideas.

  1. Step 1:Reviewing the status and considering the future

    Using image photo cards, customers summarize and share their statuses and issues as well as their visions for the future through group work.

  2. Step 2:Learning about Fujitsu's AI programs and basic technologies

    We introduce various AI applications, including technical information about Fujitsu's AI Zinrai, to outline the latest trends in AI and future developments that AI will support.

  3. Step 3:Developing new ideas about AI

    Customers develop ideas based on their issues and visions.
    Referencing the inspiration cards and other tools, customers generate, share, and explore ideas to develop visions for the future.

  4. Step 4:Thinking about what to do using AI

    Each group summarizes what they want to do with AI over the short and long run, making presentations to share and further explore their ideas.


Our customers' voices out of workshops.

  • I was able to understand AI, how AI can be used in daily work environments and create ideas based on that. I want to continue evaluation and how it can be applied.(Energy)

  • I understood the elements needed for AI implementation and was able to start think about the use of AI more realistically.(Energy)

  • I experienced creation of new ideas through the use of inspiration cards.(Energy)

  • I understood how and in what extent AI could be integrated into my own group's tasks.(Retail)

  • By joining the workshop, I was able to get a clear view on the business challenges.(Retail)

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