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Seeing the Heretofore Unseen Future-
Tips for Digital Transformation

The Fujitsu Digital Transformation Center (DTC) is a co-creation workshop space that empowers you to think about the future and to develop plans for digital transformation. To solve various issues, including those related to work style innovation, utilization of IoT, and business creation, engineers with extensive knowledge of solutions, devices, and networks as well as designers, consultants, and other experienced experts will help you give form to your thoughts of the future by using original methods and cutting-edge technologies.
We present case studies on introducing cutting-edge ICT as well as provide hands-on workshops focused on the latest system solutions. Our goals are to organize your ideas of the future and to develop measures to help you realize your vision.
Sharing a vision of the future among all members makes it possible to take a big step forward toward digital transformation.
We also provide an environment that enables you to use actual machines to develop and verify the ideas and strategies proposed in workshops, including those related to IoT utilization. In this way, we strongly support you in developing plans for digital transformation.


DTC's Roles in Promoting Digital Transformation


Design Approach for Digital Transformation

In workshops, members propose ideas to share visions for the future based on an approach designed to organize ideas while evaluating specific work styles and methods for using technologies in order to develop strategies to implement.
DTC harnesses this design approach to help customers solve their problems