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Improving Disaster Response and Management [ DKI Jakarta Province Regional Disaster Management Agency ]

Human Centric Innovation

DKI Jakarta Province Regional Disaster Management Agency is using Fujitsu's Disaster Information Management System application to transform the way it deals with natural disasters. It can now respond much more quickly and accurately to unforeseen catastrophes, helping save lives and minimize destruction.

"DIMS has helped BPBD DKI Jakarta in accelerating information management during disaster mitigation, particularly during severe flooding that hits Jakarta."

Edy Junaedi, Head of Informatics and Controlling Division

Enabling information access

DKI Jakarta Province Regional Disaster Management Agency (Badan Penanggulangan Bencana Daerah - BPBD DKI Jakarta) is a disaster management agency responsible for determining the guidelines and directives on fair and equal relief efforts that include disaster prevention, emergency response, rehabilitation, and reconstruction. Its mission is to protect the people of Jakarta through disaster risk reduction, to increase the people's readiness, and enhance the region's capacity for disaster management.

The existing manual system at BPBD was unable to perform fast and accurate disaster mitigation actions and information assembly. For instance, it took five to seven days to gather critical information about a disaster (e.g. level of inundation and affected locations), which created delays in the deployment process at BPBD stations and headquarters. This impacted the overall flood mitigation process.

Furthermore, BPBD's own portal was often down due to overloaded server capacity. Thus, it prevented citizens from accessing real-time accurate information regarding a disaster. In fact, this issue ran contrary to State law no. 24 on Disaster Mitigation, which clearly states that all Indonesian citizens have the right to acquire fast and accurate information from a disaster early warning system.

Rapid information management

In light of this situation, BPBD needed to enable swift emergency response and bolster the effectiveness and efficiency of disaster management efforts. Fujitsu proposed the organization adopt the Disaster Information Management System (DIMS) application, which includes functions that can manage damage and shelter information, displayed on a digital map, and can send out messages to staff and related disaster management organizations.

Functions in DIMS applications are under the control of Pusdalops (Jakarta Operation Controlling Center - JOCC), which acts as a subordinate to BPBD. Fujitsu's solution helps BPBD to effectively collect and distribute relevant information to specific receivers. Fujitsu also developed BPBD's web portal to improve information dissemination and eliminate the problem of overloaded access. In addition, Fujitsu will provide consultancy and support services during critical periods, including high-speed response on technical support related to system and hardware maintenance.

Speed, accuracy, availability

Disaster Management Command Center

BPBD decided to implement DIMS because this solution is able to cover three phases of the disaster mitigation process - pre disaster, emergency response, and recovery. In addition, it supports portals and offers comprehensive solutions with the most competitive cost efficiency. The client also considered Fujitsu's extensive experience in handling disaster mitigation in Japan, which highlighted the quality and reliability of the solutions.

DIMS now enables BPBD to more accurately and quickly collect and centralize disaster-related information, make crucial decisions and provide essential messages, such as early warnings, to disaster management staff and organizations.

"DIMS has helped BPBD in accelerating information management during the disaster mitigation process, particularly during the severe flooding that hits DKI Jakarta. When we still used manual systems during the 2013 flooding, it took five to seven days to receive integrated data, such as flood points and inundated areas," explains Edy Junaedi, Head of Informatics and Controlling Division, BPBD. "Meanwhile, our web portal, which should provide information to the public, did not function effectively. However, with Fujitsu's support, during the 2014 flooding in January, we were able to obtain real-time information and distribute it quickly to ensure effective coordination in the whole disaster mitigation process."

The DIMS developed by Fujitsu facilitates BPBD DKI Jakarta's performance in managing critical and accurate information of major importance in an overall disaster mitigation process. Its main features include accurate early warning transmission: the system can manage information on the water level of rivers and can automatically send warnings to staff and disaster management organizations about the level of risk and areas likely to be affected in the event of a flood. The warnings speed up initial disaster management activities, such as evacuation orders and the establishment of the disaster countermeasures office.

The solution also assists the operations of staff working at the disaster management command center by using registration information with entry forms and automatic data coordination with a portal web site. This helps handle unforeseen contingencies such as staff shortages and the unexpected increase in response measures which are a common occurrence during natural disasters.

The Fujitsu DIMS displays registered damage and shelter data on digital maps, providing real-time information on the overall situation of the disaster, thus facilitating quick decision making. This DIMS application has therefore improved BPBD's response time significantly. The organization is now able to provide more detailed information to fulfil the specific needs of other agencies in real-time and with high accuracy. As a result, coordination in the whole disaster mitigation process has become more effective and efficient.

DIMS also played a significant role in the acceleration of information assembly and distribution during the Jakarta flood mitigation processes in January 2014 by establishing an early warning system that was fast and accurate and thus able to speed up the recovery. "Fujitsu's experience in providing DIMS for disaster management in Japan is a guarantee for us to implement a similar system in mitigating disaster in DKI Jakarta Province," concludes Edy.

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