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Creating Value Across Industries

In a hyperconnected world, digitalized businesses will increasingly work as a digital ecosystem

An increasing number of products, services and processes from different organizations are digitalized and connected through digital interfaces. Businesses in different industries such as retail, mobility, finance and healthcare are shaping digital ecosystems to maximize individual customer experiences.

Wellbeing of people

It is a growing concern for society to keep the quality of life for elderly people, as well as extending medical care. How can technology contribute to these goals?

Customer Stories

The University of Tokyo
Using Supercomputers for Safer Heart Surgery
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Greener society

The introduction of fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen stations is an exciting development with the potential to make our environment cleaner and greener.

Customer Stories

Toyota Motor Corporation Case Study
An Open Ecosystem towards a Hydrogen Society : Hydrogen Station Data Management Service
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Safer Food

Agriculture is still conducted by people without access to technology. How can IT help increase yields and improve food quality?

Fujitsu Stories

Lettuce grown by Fujitsu
Growing healthy and delicious lettuce
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Urban Mobility

By 2050, 66 per cent of the world’s population is projected to live in urban areas. Planning for high density living is a key social concern, from the management of city resources and environment to the enabling of urban mobility.

Fujitsu Stories

SPATIOWL - location-based data service
There's a growing intelligence on the streets of Tokyo
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