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DeskView Client

Business solutions for professional client management

Save resources and costs to manage your Fujitsu clients efficiently with a comprehensive set of client manageability features.

DeskView Client is a free hardware management toolset for Fujitsu client systems.

Managing Fujitsu Client Computing Devices with DeskView Client

  • Save resources, costs and time to manage your Fujitsu Client Computing Devices efficiently
  • Keep track of your IT assets with the DeskView Client System Data component
  • Archive and update your BIOS or even single BIOS Settings during operation for uninterrupted working
  • Increase security and centralize BIOS management to a single authorized point
  • Keep your system up-to-date with manual or automatic driver updates
  • Proactive monitoring of system state and health status. React to proactive alerts before the components actually fail.
  • Secure your system and thereby minimize the risk of virus infections by disabling interfaces and USB devices
  • Ensure energy savings with power management and Fujitsu’s 0-Watt technology
  • Helps keep track of display assets and save energy with DeskView Clients Display management
  • DeskView Client is based on standards for easy integration into existing enterprise management solutions
  • DeskView Client is free of charge

  For downloading DeskView modules, please refer to DeskView Downloads