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Connect your Operational Technology and IT systems to unlock value from your Enterprise Data

Operational Technology (OT) and traditional IT are set to converge into Industrial IoT with the emergence of 5G connectivity, intelligent devices and Industry 4.0. Businesses need to understand and harness the advantages that Edge Computing provides when it comes to handling massive data sets that get generated by industrial systems and appliances at the edge of their enterprise. Applying deep analytics to this data enables businesses to gain insights and apply those insights to further improve operational efficiencies in the long run.

Fujitsu helps bridge the OT/IT gap enabling businesses to face their unique challenges with the right Edge Computing solutions. The Fujitsu IoT Solution INTELLIEDGE A700 Appliance ships with the latest industry-leading hardware and software solutions helping you gain actionable insights through AI, Deep Analytics, Machine Learning and much more.


Fujitsu INTELLIEDGE combines the right mix of hardware and software components that provides organizations a platform to understand in real-time the “enterprise” data being generated at the edge for greater awareness and faster decision-making.
  • Industry 4.0 and IIoT Focused: Fujitsu is working with leading companies in the Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics and Healthcare sectors for fast developing Industrial IoT scenarios
  • Faster deployments: Ready-to-run Edge Computing Appliances with pre-configured software and solutions enabling faster deployments in your enterprise
  • Avoid vendor- and cloud – lock in: Deploy, manage, control your Edge Appliances based on your requirements and preferences
  • Actionable insights: Enables you to gain actionable insights from various data sources quickly, securely and in real-time
  • Harness Enterprise data in real-time: Enables you to deploy computing capabilities closer to the edge of your business to acquire, aggregate and analyze enterprise data in real-time
  • Challenging environments: Operates in challenging environments such as production floors in manufacturing facilities, utilities such as power stations and much more